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Paws & Play 
Doggy Daycare

The Kind Of Care Your Dog Deserves

At Paws & Play, we are passionate about providing the best possible care for your dogs. We strive to ensure that your furry friend feels right at home during their stay with us. We offer a variety of services that cater to the individual needs of your dog, including exercise, playtime, relaxation and sensory play. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can take care of your dog

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Our Services

Full Day Doggy Care

Paws & Play is a haven tailored for your furry friends, offering a full day of engaging activities and personalised care. Our facility boasts spacious play areas where dogs can play, socialise, and exercise under the attentive supervision of our experienced team. With a focus on safety and fun, we tailor activities to suit each dog's personality and energy level.

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Half Day Doggy Care

Paws & Play extends its exceptional care and engaging activities to accommodate busy schedules with our half-day dog care services. Tailored for those needing a shorter stay, our facility offers a morning or afternoon of fun-filled adventures, socialisation, and attentive supervision for your beloved canine. we ensure your dog receives quality care & mental stimulation.

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Overnight Doggy Boarding

Enjoy peace of mind while your furry companion enjoys a cosy retreat at Paws and Play. We offer a home away from home experience with your dog being treated like one of our own. Not only will they be included in the days daycare session but they will have the luxury of cuddles straight after. Wherever your dog sleeps at home will be where your dog sleeps whilst staying with us

License number: AB0164

We specialise in small to medium dog breeds. (No larger breeds) 


Neutering policy in place

Our Premises

Our dog sitting premises are designed to offer a cosy yet secure haven for your furry friends. All dogs have access to our own personal home and our delightful cabin, carefully crafted to provide a warm and inviting atmosphere. Complete with comfortable bedding and homely touches, it's the perfect retreat for your dog's relaxation and slumber. Adjacent to this cosy abode is a fantastic outdoor area, specially designed for fun and frolic. This spacious playground boasts various toys, agility equipment, and plenty of room for playing and socialising. Our priority is not just safety but also ensuring that every dog in our care experiences a blend of comfort, joy, and adventure throughout their stay at Paws & Play.

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Where To Find Us


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My dog Sonny always has an amazing time at Paws and Play. He has seperation anxiety so leaving him can be a struggle, but I know he is in safe hands whenever he goes there. He is always kept occupied and treated with care and attention as if he is one of their own. He never wants to leave!’

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Ben loves his away days and his sleepovers at Paws and Play. You can see they really love dogs and it shows in the way that Bens tail wags when he gets there. I never have any concerns about leaving him and more importantly neither does he.

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Does Your Four Legged Friend Need Looking After For The Day?

We would be delighted to welcome you dog to our doggy daycare premises where you can be assured of a safe & loving environment for your four legged friend.

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